Our Mission

Guilt Free Healthy Dog Treats... because we love your pets (almost) as much as you

"Stanford startup takes innovative natural approach to pet dental health"

We founded Tooth and Tailz out of the need to care for our pets the same way we care for ourselves. After spending over 25 years as a healthcare entrepreneur and pet parent, founder Michael Evans turned his nutritional and scientific expertise to creating healthy treats for his furry friends. Tooth and Tailz is turning our love for dogs into the development of natural and delicious "Smarter Treats" to keep your pups happy, vibrant and healthy. We are on a mission to improve your dog's health by tapping into their microbiome.  SMARTER TREATS and SMARTER WATER are unlike any other pet care products on the market. Instead of killing as much bacteria as possible, our Petliva™ Prebiotics, strengthens beneficial bacteria and weakens the bad bacteria for a naturally-balanced microbiome, resulting in stronger immune, gut and oral health.

All of our products at Tooth and Tailz have been hand crafted here in the U.S.A using only the finest natural ingredients and combined with our decades of scientific research and clinical studies to give your dogs healthier teeth and gums, a stronger immune system, fresh breath, glowing coats, and a happy healthy tummy.  Keep your eye out for our Smarter Cat Treats and Smarter Kitty Water coming soon.
They don't call us the "Smarter Treat" specialist for nothing!


Doing Good Stuff

We believe dogs make people happy. By giving back to shelters and providing pet resources and education, our aim to help dogs flourish and live their best lives. Tooth and Tailz happily advocates for fostering, creating dog-healthy foods, and will support pet community services, responsible sourcing and rehoming. We strive to make the world a better place for dogs and their pet parents.