Teeth and Tummy

Tooth and Tummy is turning our love for dogs and health into the development of natural and delicious "Smarter Treats" to keep man's best friend happy, vibrant and healthy. We are on a mission to improve your dog's health by tapping into their microbiome. 

Smarter Dog Treats:  Dogs love the taste, parents love giving them. 

Teeth Shield - our secret formula created to  fights doggy breath, gum disease & tooth decay as easy as drinking water.


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All of our products at Tooth and Tummy have been artisanally crafted using only the finest natural ingredients and combined with our decades of microbiome and scientific research to give your dogs healthier teeth and gums, a stronger immune system, fresh breath, glowing coats, and a happy healthy tummy. 

They don't call us the "Smarter Treat" specialist for nothing!